Dimension measurements provided in pixels.
File size limits provided in kilobytes.

  • Cube (Medium Rectangle)
    Dimensions: 300 x 250
    File Size Limit: 200 KB
    80 KB for SWF files*
  • Half Page
    Dimensions: 300 x 600
    File Size Limit: 200 KB
    80 KB for SWF files*
  • Leaderboard
    Dimensions: 728 x 90
    File Size Limit: 200 KB
    80 KB for SWF files*
  • Super Leaderboard
    Dimensions: 970 x 90
    File Size Limit: 200 KB
    80 KB for SWF files*
  • Micro Banner
    Dimensions: 320 x 50
    File Size Limit: 50 KB
    20 KB for SWF files*


  1. File Formats Accepted
    GIF, JPG, PNG, SWF*, 3rd party ad tag
  2. Resolution
    72 dpi (dots per inch)
  3. Color Profile
    RGB only
  4. Border
    1-pixel border must be visible in ad if background is white (#ffffff) to differentiate from content area
  5. Animation
    24 fps, 15 seconds max recommended for standard ad units.
  6. Click-through URL
    Click URL must be included when creative files are submitted or through a 3rd party ad tag. Length cannot exceed 1,000 characters.
  7. Flash
    All SWF Flash files must contain a clickTAG and should be published for Flash Player 10.0 or an earlier version.
  8. Polite Load
    Polite loads are only accepted in HTML5 files and will not be accepted in SWF Flash files. An additional load of 100 KB is allowed.
  9. Content
    Ads must not be designed to blend in with the site, mimic editorial fonts/colors, include fake form elements or incorporate graphic symbols that represent non-existent functionality. If the creative has the same background color as the site, it must contain a visible border.

*All SWF files will be converted to HTML5. Please note that some advanced scripting and effects could possibly be stripped out or altered during conversion.

Flash ActionScript 1.0/2.0


Inserting a clickTAG using ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0

  • 1. Insert a new button.
  • 2. While in the button's screen, create a "box" that will cover the size of the entire ad in the HIT frame.
  • 3. In the main scene, drag the button from the library into frame 1 of a new layer. This layer must be the top layer.
  • 4. Add an action to the button. Copy and paste the script EXACTLY as shown below.
    Note: Do NOT embed the URL into the clickTAG. Please leave "_blank" in the ActionScript.
  • on(release) {
  • 5. Prior to publishing the movie, select version 10.0 or earlier of the Flash Player in the Publish Settings.
  • 6. Export Movie.
  • 7. To validate the clickTAG for Tribune's ad server, click here.

Flash ActionScript 3.0


Due to certain discrepancies with converting Flash/SWF files into HTML5 files, we have discontinued the use of ActionScript 3.0 ad tags. Please use the instructions on the left for applying the ActionScript 1.0/2.0 ad tag.